Creative Director, Founder

Los Angeles

Peter Culley is the creative leader and founder of Spatial Affairs Bureau - an architecture, landscape, and general design studio based in Los Angeles, Virginia and London. Central to his ethos for Spatial Affairs’ work practice is being open and sincere across disciplines and scales, recognizing and embracing the limits of a scenario, bringing experts in their fields to enable rich collaborations and always allowing for experimentation. He comes from a background in cultural projects where buildings and landscape have sat hand in hand and believes firmly that one informs the other. Peter is a thesis instructor for University of Southern California’s Master of Landscape Architecture graduate program, is an Associate AIA member, serves on the UK’s RIBA Visiting Board for Architecture School Accreditation, and is trained as a Passive House consultant.

Peter believes that design response is a carefully orchestrated reconciliatory process that operates between a series of intermeshing factors:

- site needs and opportunity
- client and project premise
- creative intuition
- technological pertinence

No matter the scale, a strategic position is always established to guide the design process. In the face of developing needs and limits, designs can sometimes take different courses to maintain compliance with an accepted strategy.

In a search for a project’s authentic set up, budget limits can often be the key, where truly creative and rigorous solutions find their fertile ground.