Project: Richmond BridgePark


Peter Culley - partner in charge
Evan MacKenzie
Jessie Gemmer
Dana Reid
Andrew Montgomery
James Hill
Ann Walsh
Isaac Currey
Kelsey McLean

Client: Richmond BridgePark Foundation, President Ted Elmore

Status: Conceptual Design



Spatial Affairs with Richmond BridgePark and the Richmond community has developed different ways to continue to transform downtown Richmond into a walking and cycling city exemplar. Focussing on an untapped route from the historic Jefferson State Capitol, across the James River on the site of the original Free Bridge (now an oversized vehicular flyover) and on into Manchester and historic Hull Street, BridgePark will for the first time connect both sides of the river at the balcony level of the city proper for pedestrians and cyclists, and return the city to the raw beauty of the historic James River.

At the heart of this two mile strategy, the crossing point is alongside the now derelict Richmond - Petersburg rail road bridge, once also used as a slave route to the munitions factory on Belle Isle. The project examines the potential for crossings that engage the remaining brick piers, as well as the extraordinary nature of the river as a natural park. The ability to host major spectacles and events is balanced with the desire for quiet more contemplative conditions.

For this project we are pleased to be working with New York-based structural engineers Buro Happold

Click here for the BridgePark website.

Download the pdf link below for Bettina Krause’s article: “Sublime Oases: Parks on Stilts” in the December 2016 edition of BaunetzWoche

  • 1/ The north amphitheater (by Matt Wagner MWDC)

  • 1/ From the south with bike superhighway (by Matt Wagner MWDC)

  • 1/ New Kanawha Plaza (by Matt Wagner MWDCA)

  • 1/ Linear connectivity

  • 1/ Wider connectivity

  • 1/ High level, low level and missing connections

  • 1/ 28' long model view

  • 1/

  • 1/

  • 1/ New walkway on existing bridge deck

  • 1/

  • 1/

  • 1/

  • 1/ From the Lee Bridge

  • 1/ Beneath the Manchester Bridge

  • 1/ Along the Line of the Old Railroad Bridge