Project: International Midnight Garden


Peter Culley, Andrew Montgomery

Client: BOFFO

Value: Stipulated $20k maximum all-in cost

Area: 750 sq ft

Status: Competition Entry


It’s always the witching hour at the International Midnight Garden. Think Tai Pai, Anchorage, Honolulu, Kolkata…

This fashion store has a living lawn, a potting shed for sales and fittings, a swinging gate, statues that model latest wares, a gazebo, stepping stones and an ultra violet washing line for hanging designer y-fronts and thongs, all lit my moonlight.

International Midnight Garden is only designed for 5 days, after which time nearly all objects could be dismantled.

  • 1/ midnight view

  • 1/ white view

  • 1/ lawn

  • 1/ the midnight sky

  • 1/ statues

  • 1/ plan

  • 1/ everything

  • 1/ plan

  • 1/ sections