Project: Venice Beach Bungalow

Photographer: Alston Thompson Photography and Spatial Affairs Photography (see captions)


Peter Culley - Project Principal
James Hill - Project Architect
Stacey Farinholt - Landscape Architect
Andrew Montgomery
Hooman Kia

Client: Nick Barham, Chief Strategy Officer TBWA Chiat Day


The existing confused plan of this rambling Venice CA bungalow is simplified to maximize the view of our handsome protagonist: an existing Chinese Lace Bark Elm Ulmus Parvifolia growing poignantly in the center of the rear garden. A new entry sequence is developed that creates a more intimate experience at the point of arrival, forcing the visitor to experience the longest view as they move through the house which continues to unfold with cyclical circulation routes to extend the feeling of the space.

A master ‘cabana’ suite, feeling somewhat at sea from the main house (though accessible secretly from it as well as across the new deck), is oriented to the rear, while a discrete guest suite exists quite independently at the front.

For more information on the ‘hanging kitchen’ click here

  • 1/ Total Vision Shower © Alston Thompson Photography

  • 1/ Cottage Redux © Alston Thompson Photography

  • 1/ Hanging Kitchen and Dena Yags 'Hell is For Heroes' © Spatial Affairs Bureau

  • 1/ Hanging Kitchen © Alston Thompson Photography

  • 1/ Ceilingscape © Alston Thompson Photography

  • 1/ View from' Secret Spine' © Alston Thompson

  • 1/ Skylight © Alston Thompson Photography

  • 1/ Powder room - black mirror and Lucifer Cement Tile © Spatial Affairs Bureau

  • 1/ Main bathroom_ detail © Alston Thompson Photography

  • 1/ From the Courtyard Garden at nightl © Spatial Affairs Bureau

  • 1/ Street Quartet

  • 1/ Before: Confused Plan With No Discrete Relationships

  • 1/ After: Clarified Plan, Tree as Protagonist, and 'Secret' Circulation'

  • 1/ New Spatial Section (above); Existing (below)

  • 1/ Redux Set Back Into the Landscape