Project: Crosstown Arts

Photographer: Jamie Harmon / Peter Culley


Lead Design Spatial Affairs Bureau:
Peter Culley
Evan MacKenzie
Jessie Gemmer
James Hill
Aaron Horst
Amanda Shin
Hooman Kia
Rebecca Fox
Dana Reid

Client: Crosstown Arts

Area: 50 000 sq ft

Status: Completed 2019


This 50 000sq ft contemporary art space includes 3 exhibition galleries; a central projection ‘hypostyle hall’; 14 artist in residence studios; a café / restaurant with supporting catering kitchen; an art bar; one formal and one informal performance space; staff offices; and shared art making facilities for the general public on a tiered membership basis offering workshops, digital suites and sound recording rooms.

As the centrepiece of and originating initiative behind the massive Crosstown Concourse project - formally opened to the public in 2017 - Crosstown Arts moved into their space in 2018 and completed the last components of the build-out in 2019.

Alongside this project, Spatial Affairs Bureau worked with Memphis-based LRK to for the 450-seat Crosstown Theater. Follow this link for more details on this project.

This follows on from the Spatial Affairs’ original masterplan for the full 1.5 million sq ft then Sears distribution center ruin. Click here to see that project.

For this project, Spatial Affairs Bureau were lead designer and worked with Memphis-based LRK as executive architect.

  • 1/ The Hypostyle Projection Hall at the Center of Crosstown Arts

  • 1/ Fluorescent Coral Stair

  • 1/

  • 1/ Hypostyle Projection Room

  • 1/ Gallery 'Portal'

  • 1/ Screening Room

  • 1/ Project Gallery

  • 1/ Exhibition Gallery

  • 1/ Today and Tomorrow Cafe on Open House

  • 1/ Artist Residency Open House

  • 1/ Exploded Axo of Zones of Work in the Building

  • 1/ Level 2 Plan with New Build Theater Added

  • 1/ Section through the 1927 Building Showing Crosstown Arts, the Lightwell and the Coral Stair

  • 1/ Artist In Residence Studio

  • 1/ Shared Art Making - Woodworking

  • 1/ West Gallery and Light Corridor (Jamie Harmon)

  • 1/ 450-seat theater in construction

  • 1/ Lobby to Cafe

  • 1/ Cafe Seating at Spiral Stair

  • 1/ Cafe Seating at Spiral Stair

  • 1/ Projection Screens at the Hypostyle Hall

  • 1/ Staff Kitchenette 'In Progress' (Jamie Harmon)

  • 1/ Bar Nook Booths

  • 1/ Bar Nook Booths

  • 1/ Bar Nook Booths

  • 1/ Theater lobby in progress

  • 1/ Cafe custom furniture

  • 1/ Spiral Stair