Project: Mixed-use palazzo - 440 S Broadway


Peter Culley
Hooman Kia
Dana Reid

Area: Approx 128,120 sq ft

Status: Concept


Testing out an approach to redevelop the 1980s mixed-use building at 440 S Broadway, Los Angeles. It is intentionally preliminary but based on realistic targets.

Recognize that the immediate Broadway context is still in a state of revival and so some ability to control the setting of the tenant spaces is crucial to ensure occupancy and maximum rent return. The existing facade is conceptually quite dramatic, though uninspiring looking currently and provides useful prompts for the space use inside. It can be made an interesting component along Broadway without the need for expensive full replacement solutions.

  • 1/ New central Entry Court

  • 1/ New double-height restaurant space

  • 1/ Existing street view

  • 1/ Computer based development of alternatives

  • 1/ A re-imagined 440 S Broadway with 2 new upper levels and roof garden

  • 1/

  • 1/

  • 1/

  • 1/

  • 1/

  • 1/ FIRST FLOOR entry court and access to rear elevator

  • 1/ SECOND FLOOR creative office with overlooks across entry court

  • 1/ THREE LEVEL OF PARKING proposed creative office above

  • 1/ TWO NEW STORIES glowing glass box above new ‘pop-classical’ facade and roof garden above