Project: Round Hill Pavilions Masterplan


Peter Culley - Partner in Charge
Andrew Montgomery - Architectural Lead
Stacey Farinholt - Landscape
James Hill - Architect

Status: Construction


A collection of new structures responds to existing markers and creates new ones in this landscape masterplan in Orange, Virginia. Exploring the systems of the English Picturesque applied to a cluster of vernacular inspired barns, the buildings and their setting are placed in a forced dialogue with dissecting view corridors and pathways. 3 pavilions - the kitchen, the living room and the dining room - each eroded by the views the others reach towards, form a central gathering point that looks beyond towards a jetty on the pond, a privy in the woods, a bee keeper’s dell and a log store. The mile long approach to the pond across the farm has been reconsidered to form a constructed arrival experience. The site has been investigated as a series of ecological conditions - wet and dry hedgerow, wild meadow and woodland - with new plant materials and ground treatments to create and accentuate.

  • 1/ Rolling View Across the Pond

  • 1/ View Corridors

  • 1/ Pavilions from the Pond

  • 1/ Pavilion Cluster