Project: Light House_1: Jackson Ward RVA


Peter Culley, Eleni Savvidou, Adam Frantzis, Andrew Montgomery, Conor Backman, Amrit Singh, Charles Yeager

Client: InLight Exhibition / 1708 Gallery

Area: Singular Building Lot

Status: Installed 2008, 2010


Juror’s Prize - Best in Show, People’s Choice Award, InLight 2008


Inform Magazine - Mimi Salder ‘Going to the Light House’


Light House_1 is an exact scale replica of a terraced town house in Jackson Ward, once the country’s largest ‘freed black’ neighborhood. Every window, door, roof light and internal aperture was represented in line form, glowing periodically in a carefully timed sequence to create an animated life size and 3 dimensional drawing.

The concept was inspired both by an interest in showing, x-ray like, the full extent of the incredibly deep plan of a typical row house, normally highly unassuming and modest from the front, and also to populate an empty lot with a building that perhaps could have been on that site in the past or in a dream.

It was constructed from welded steel frames painted with ultra-violet reactive paint, hung with cables from an interior scaffold. The performance came to life through 7 u-v projector lamps on a digital sequencer.

Light House was voted the Best In Show and the People’s Choice at 2008’s InLight Festival in Richmond VA, organised by 1708 Gallery.

At the second installation as part of the regular First Friday event in Richmond’s Broad Street, downtown, local organisation mysterymeeat held a mystery guest dinner inside the house.