Spatial Affairs in North America and UK

Spatial Affairs has bureaus in several locations to manage the various project types and locations. In the US, the east coast Spatial Affairs Bureau, LLC is covered by the original office in Richmond, VA, and west coast by Los Angeles. UK and Europe is covered from Spatial Affairs Bureau, Ltd. in London. Peter Culley oscillates between the various offices while permanent team members are based in each of the locations.

Richmond, VA

Carlton Yard is the home base of Spatial Affairs Bureau, LLC. Many of the people involved at Spatial Affairs came together during the design and construction of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts expansion project, developed by Rick Mather and SMBW.

Richmond is for us a focus for landscape and architecture as well as fabrication: other interrelated teams sharing the space include wood and metalworkers, graphic and industrial designers, and furniture makers and so the effect of contamination between strands of making and design is strong. Stacey Farinholt oversees this office.

For full contact details for the Richmond office, please follow this link

Los Angeles

Based in downtown’s Historic District, Spatial Affairs Los Angeles is the base for all West Coast work.

Dana Reid, Spatial Affairs’ General Manager, leads the Los Angeles office.

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For all UK and European work, Spatial Affairs Bureau, Ltd. is based at Rana Begum’s studio in North London.

For contact details for the London office, please follow this link

Spatial Affairs Bureau, Ltd. Company number: 06115745, licensed in England and Wales. Registered address: 102 Ravenhurst Road, Harborne, B17 9DP. (Please note this is not the mailing address)