Project: West Strand Sea Villas

Principle Designer: Peter Culley


John O’Shea, Fiona Sheppard, Owen Jones

Client: Carney Investments

Value: GP Ā£1.5 million

Status: In Statutory Planning Process


Portrush is a traditional holiday seaside resort on the north coast of Northern Ireland, rooted in its past as a quiet fishing village with Georgian and Victorian terraces. In the 1950s, Barry’s Amusements brought some twentieth century pop into town that sits close to the sea front and forms one edge of the West Strand site.

The design of the new sea villas aims to bridge both aspects of the town to the east, as well as a bold and resilient relationship to the sea at the west.

Highly resilient materials such as corten steel and glazed brick have been chosen due to the vulnerability of the site to the harsh salt sprays from the sea.

Every home has its own uniquely oriented ‘camera’, a room to catch the ever changing views to the sea and coastline, making every dwelling a one-off. At all levels of each home the views are framed differently to maximise the impact of this extraordinary outlook.

  • 1/ looking back from the sea

  • 1/ site concept

  • 1/ site context

  • 1/ building elements

  • 1/ typical floor plan

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  • 1/

  • 1/ typical section

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  • 1/

  • 1/ ground floor

  • 1/ first floor

  • 1/ second floor

  • 1/ sea view